AfricInvest Private Credit is targeting growing SMEs with solid track-records, proven cash generation capabilities and viable business plans, in various sectors except non-ethical or speculative industries. AfricInvest Private Credit’s objective is to assist companies to expand, improve their performance and to become more competitive in a sustainable way.

Companies financed by AfricInvest Private Credit will take advantage of :

  • The AfricInvest Group’s 25 years of SME expertise
  • Capacity development possibilities to assist clients (when available),
  • Capacity to offer loans with longer weighted average life than typically available locally in most African markets,
  • Debt service structured to match cash flows.

AfricInvest Private Credit analyzes clients using in-depth due diligence to ensure credit quality and to identify added value through the group's network. AfricInvest Private Credit is positioning itself as a business partner to its SME customers, endeavoring to contribute to the enhancement of their businesses.