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Our policy

At AfricInvest, we believe that value creation is achieved by focusing on corporate responsibility and sustainability alongside capital investments.

Our commitment to sustainability is expressed in our investment approach : We examine business opportunities and risks during due diligence, identify opportunities for cost-saving and resource-efficiency improvement and carry out our investment programs with the wellbeing of the local communities in mind.

We have developed an internal Social and Environmental Management System in cooperation with international Development Financial Institutions to ensure sustainable management approaches within our SME investments across the region.
A set of documents describing AfricInvest’s approach to responsible investing, as well as AfricInvest’s methodology to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance matters in its investment process are available for download here : Africinvest’s approach to responsible investing | Our ESG framework | AfricInvest External Grievance Mechanism
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Impact outlook 2022

Our pan-African investment platform continues on providing financial and non-financial support to aspiring entrepreneurs and companies alike, creating a strong and inclusive African private sector and positively influencing the livelihoods of the communities they serve.
Check the 2022 Impact Report to know more.

Case studies

case studies
  • Exat - Ivory Coast

    Exat remains closely involved in the development of the villages where the factory and plantations are located, providing electrification and has also built a local primary school

  • Inpackt - Tunisia

    Inpacktis building photovoltaic generation capacity in order to produce enough energy to meet its own requirements. The photovoltaic unit should be operational by the end of 2014.