Mokhlis  El Idrissi

Mokhlis El Idrissi

Country : Morocco
Title : Director and Head of Moroccan Funds
Senior Investment Officer at AfricInvest Morocco. He has over 10 years of experience in a financial sector especially in managing an Equity portfolio mainly constituted of non public companies. Mokhliss has occupied the position of Head of a strategic Entity in one of the biggest banking group in Africa, he participated in the structuring and execution of several equity transactions in Morocco, Europe and West Africa both on the investment and divestment sides, mainly in a financial sector but also in IT, Real Estate, tourism, transport and engineering consultancy. Regarding his former "collaterals" missions of synergy's development with corporate & SME's customers, he acquired a good knowledge about several industries including distribution, agribusiness and other services. During last year's, Mokhlis was a member of two Moroccan Fund's Investment Committees and Board member of more than 20 firms. Mokhlis holds an Msc in Finance Engineering from HEC Montréal, a Master level in Business Intelligence from Sup Info Casablanca and a Bachelor in Finance & Audit from ESIG Rabat.